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At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE, we strongly believe that health care truly begins with caring for your health. It's all too easy in this fast paced world to put our own needs last as we work hard to do the best job for our company, or to take care of our families. As a result, more and more people are overweight, overstressed, and simply not taking good care of their health. Thus, we are seeing an increase in chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. These conditions lead to higher health care dollars being spent, which leads to higher health care premiums for employer sand employees alike.

Study after study has shown that Wellness Programs work. Perhaps not for everyone, but for those who are ready to create a 'wellness vision' for themselves and commit to making behavioral changes that will help them accomplish their goal of living a healthier lifestyle. For some people, getting to that point of being ready to make changes happens when we get bad news from our doctor, when it's either 'change or die'. Others want to make those positive changes in their lives but find it hard to either start or stick with a program to do so. Others may simply not want to do make any changes even upon hearing that ultimatum from their doctor.

For those who have made positive lifestyle changes and have committed to living a healthier life, you hear the same thing over and over – I feel better. I feel more energetic. I feel less depressed. I feel as though I'm doing a better job at my company. I have more energy at the end of the day for my family.

Wilson Benefit Insurance is committed to developing a wellness strategy with all of our clients. With this program, employees will receive:

  • Unlimited access for all employees and spouses to the online Health Risk Assessment and Personal Wellness Report
  • Unlimited phone or internet access to a health coach for behavior modification health coaching, education and referrals in NUTRITION AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, SMOKING CESSATION, FITNESS AND EXCERCISE, STRESS MANAGEMENT, PRE-POST NATAL CARE, and MENOPAUSE
  • Unlimited access to Health Coaches for management of chronic conditions including HIGH CHOLESTEROL, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES, ASTHMA, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, BACK PAIN

Employers will receive detailed aggregate reporting that fully protects the privacy of their employees. This report is not employee specific, but an aggregate picture of the overall of the health status of your company. This information provides valuable information in developing a wellness strategy for your employees. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY AND NOT SHARED WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES.