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Employee Communication

At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE SERVICES, we understand the importance of communication in the Employee Benefits industry. Many employees do not understand the full extent of their employee benefits package, the cost of the program to their employer, or how to get the most out of the benefits provided to them. We have resolved hundreds of claims issues that may have been avoided if employees better understood about using their benefits. Communication is the key to a better understanding!

At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE, we provide the following to all of our clients as part of our standard services:

Web-Based Employee Communication

One of the first things that we establish for all of our clients is a Customized Employee Benefits website that may be accessed by employees from home or office 24/7. Employees will have access to all benefit-related information on this customized benefit website including an employee bulletin board with the latest company announcements, benefit summaries, group numbers, phone numbers, forms, provider links, contact information and Frequently Asked Questions. This is what will be known to employees as their 'Virtual HR Dept'. The great benefit to employees and HR professionals alike is that they no longer have to be in the HR department to have access to the information. WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE will provide technical assistance with the implementation of the site and, like the site itself, is offered to our clients at no additional cost!

Employee Meetings

As part of our Service Standards, WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE includes ON SITE EMPLOYEE MEETINGS with our clients as a strategic initiative to increase the employee's level of understanding of the company benefits package, how to use the benefits, issues resolution, new hire orientations, and open enrollment meetings. Other employee meetings include those provided under the WILSON BENEFIT WELLNESS program.

Employee Communication Materials

WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE assists each of our clients with customized printed materials as needed – from one page benefit summaries to quick reference customized business cards that show provider, group numbers, and member services numbers.

It's Not Just What You Say, But How You Say It

Let's face it, employee benefits may not be the most exciting subject matter for your employees. Employees may not fully understand their benefits program because they're half asleep before the meeting is even over. At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE, we will send out a seasoned professional whose goal is to keep your employees engaged, involved, and ultimately more knowledgeable and appreciative of their company's employee benefit program!