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Customer Service

At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE SERVICES, we understand that customer service is what matters when employers choose an Employee Benefits Brokerage Firm as a partner. That is why Wilson Benefit Insurance Services offers the highest level of service standards in the industry. Why are they the highest in the industry? Because our service standards are established by our clients, and not just an 'industry standard'. Our service standards are included and reviewed in our discovery process with all new clients, and at quarterly or renewal meetings with our existing clients.

At Wilson Benefit Insurance Services, we believe that 'service excellence' is not just meeting the needs our clients, but constantly and consistently exceeding the needs and objectives set forth by our clients.

We essentially become an extension of your HR Department by immediately implementing a web-based HR Administration system that streamlines systems and eases the pain of benefits administration. This allows HR professionals to focus more time on mission critical tasks while spending less time on benefits administration.

Additionally, you will receive the following – and more – as a sample of our services:

  • Account Executive level of support and detailed attention to all service issues related to HR
  • HR Administration Support including Claims and Membership Issues Resolution, Employee Communication, and Billing Audits
  • Creation of a 'Virtual HR' department for all employees to access – meaning less time in the actual HR office
  • On-site employee meetings to support HR on Employee Communication, Enrollment, Education, Wellness and Issues Resolution
  • Account Executive support for all Employees on Claims, Membership and benefits questions, thus freeing time for HR to work mission critical issues.