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WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE SERVICES, LLC is an Employee Benefits Brokerage Firm specializing in Medical and Program Cost Savings, Service Excellence, Employee Communication/Web-based Administration, and Employee Wellness Programs.

At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE, our primary goal is to help employers find cost-effective solutions to the ever-increasing price of healthcare.

We understand that customer service is what matters when employers choose an Employee Benefits Brokerage Firm as a partner. That's why Wilson Benefit Insurance Services offers the highest level of service standards in the industry.

At WILSON BENEFIT INSURANCE, we provide an effective Employee Communication Program that will help many employees better understand the full extent of their employee benefits package, the cost of the program to their employer, and how to get the most out of the benefits provided to them.

Walter Wilson, Principal and Founder of Wilson Benefit Insurance Services, LLC, is an Employee Benefits Consultant who has completed ACSM training as a Certified Wellness Coach. What differentiates Wilson Benefit Insurance is our philosophy that health care truly begins with caring for your health.

Study after study has shown that employers who adopt a wellness strategy for their employees see very positive results such as less absenteeism, increased productivity, and more positive attitudes in the workplace. Combined with consumer-directed plans and the appropriate incentives, employers will experience fewer claim dollars, lower premiums, and happy, healthier employees!

Wilson Benefit Insurance provides all clients with a Wellness Program that includes an independent Health Risk Appraisal and 24/7 phone access to Wellness and Health coaches for each and every one of your employees.